Gluten: The Good & The Bad

Okay—I’ve been gluten free for a three months and I’ve learned a couple of things. It really hasn’t been that hard. The only thing I miss is pizza—pizza is not the same, but I’ve noticed that I’ve gotten used to at least one gluten-free pizza option. But if you are going gluten-free here are some things I have found and learned:

Glutino is not the brand for me. Everything I have tried from them tastes awful.

Rudis makes good “original” bread.

Trader Joe’s sell Falafel chips—very flavorful and great with dip. Most chips are safe on a gluten free diet, but these are very tasty.

Vito’s in Wethersfield has good gluten free pizza. They also have gluten-free pasta but I haven’t tried it yet. The pizza is the one I’m getting used to. It’s pretty good.

Bob’s Red Mill pizza crust is like eating a lead brick that never digests in your stomach. Their other products seem good so far, but you can get them cheaper at Odd Job than at Whole Foods

Whole Foods has gluten free muffins in their freezer. Lemon poppy seed and cherry are really good. Morning glory tastes […]

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Milk Substitute: Almond vs. Rice

There are a million milk substitutes. Okay, not a million, but Whole Foods has seven shelves of milk substitutes, which seems like a lot to me. Last week I drank rice milk in my cereal all week and it tasted fine—a little watery, but I’m used to skim milk so it wasn’t that bad of a transition.

Then I decided to do a blind taste test. I started with Almond Milk vs. Rice Milk. I thought I’d like the Almond better hands down and that it would be an obvious decision, but it wasn’t. The Almond milk tasted good on impact, but left a bad after taste. The rice milk tasted bad at first, but then left a good, sweet aftertaste (both were sweetened). So maybe it depends on what you are using the milk substitute for. In that case, only time will tell.
I’d like to stay away from soy milk because I’m not a huge fan of soy, but I’m open to suggestions about anyone’s favorite milk substitute.

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Kale Salad at Whole Foods

If you haven’t tried Whole Foods Super Salad, you’ve got to go. They make kale taste so good. You can get it in the deli section. If you’re not sure you’ll like it, ask to try some. Whole Foods is really good about that.

I have found in trying to be healthier (which I’ll admit hasn’t gone that well the past week) that if I eat really good food that is well prepared and tastes good it is easier for me to stay on track with making healthful eating choices.

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Eat Right America

I just got mildly scammed. The last time I was in Whole Foods I saw a sign for a program called Eat Right America. I logged in to see what it was all about. You have to fill out all these personal questions—age, race, weight, etc. These items do have to do with health so it seems reasonably valid. Then you answer all of these questions about what you eat and they come back with some very basic feedback like you need to incorporate more vegetables and you need to eat one big salad per day. Who doesn’t?

For some reason I expected that I would get a more personalized eating plan based on what I eat now and what I am lacking. What they got was a lot of good information about my eating habits that they can use for sales and marketing, and what I got in return was a very generic report and a couple of recipes. The recipes weren’t even geared toward me. They are the same for everyone.

It seems like a brilliant scam for them to find out a lot of information about their shoppers without providing much useful information in […]

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Foods that Heal

Brussels sprouts in a white plate, close-up, part of

Here is a list of foods that act as an anti-inflammatory. Maybe you’ll want to consider adding a couple to this week’s menu…

bell peppers
Brussels sprouts
cocoa/chocolate (the more cocoa, the less sugar the better)

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