Enjoy the Weekend

What is your perfect weekend? Can you have your perfect weekend this weekend?

Here what mine would have time to include:

A good workout (or two).
Dinner with family and friends
Time to sit back and read a book.
A few hours to hike or kayak.
A trip to the Coventry Farmers Market

Young couple shopping at outdoor market, Caribbean

Time to make a healthy dinner (after picking out all the food I want at the Coventry Farmer’s Market).
A game of cards (or just about any game).
A walk in Old Wethersfield with Matt and ice cream from the Main Street Creamery (maybe I have time to do this twice too).

Ah, I think my dream weekend needs an extra day to fit this all in. 🙂

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Better Monday

Friends Playing a Board Game

Is it hard for you to pull yourself out of bed and start the work week? Make Monday morning better by doing something fun Sunday night–go to a movie or have friends over for dinner. You don’t have to stay up late, but can still enjoy Sunday so you aren’t dreading Monday.

Or, plan something fun after work on Monday so that you look forward to Mondays. Maybe you have an exercise class or you meet a runners group or you do dinner with a group of friends or you have a game night–anything that you’ll look forward to.

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