Multi-Colored Igloo: A Little Winter Magic

In the middle of maknig the igloo.It all started with a Facebook post.  My friend Amy (who we once went dog sledding with) saw that a family in Canada had made an igloo out of ice blocks.  She posted it on my page and suggested I do it.

500 Cartons Freezing Outside. 500 Cartons Freezing Outside.

Sold.  I started collecting half gallon, cardboard containers.  My clients dragged bags of them to classes, Stew Leonard’s in Newington gave me a ton.  Friends and family collected them.  I even went dumpster diving in my neighborhood on trash night in hopes of collecting enough.  And then Amy saved the day.  She drove 150 cartons from Fairfield, but it all came too late.  It was mid-March by the time we had over 500 cartons and it was too warm outside.

The cartons spent a year in my garage and a hallway upstairs.  Luckily they didn’t smell that bad.  I, perhaps, was the only person hoping 2015 would be another cold, snowy winter.  Got my wish.  So I started filling the cartons with water and food coloring and […]

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I Can’t Control the Weather: An Over Grown Garden

My first heirloom garden has been a learning experience.  And while I do think I’m learning, some days, I feel like no matter what I learn, it won’t matter.   I can’t help but think that if the weather next year isn’t identical to the weather this year, I’m hosed.   

Still, I’m moving forward with this in mind.  Everything I planted this year is right on top of each other.  So nothing has room to spread out, thrive, and get proper sun.  I think that is hurting all my veggies a bit. 

Next year, I’ll plant less.  If every seed I plant sprouts, I will pull out the weaker links to give more room to the healthy plants.   I’ll consider using slightly different types of soil for different plants.I Can’t Control the Weather: An Over Grown Garden2017-09-12T19:31:28-04:00

First Fall Weekend

Fall is officially here. This season has some of the best weather for being outside. It’s not too hot and it’s not too cold. Fall is just right. So how can you take advantage and be moving at the same time? Here are some of my favorite ways.

• Hike (I love Devil’s Hopyard and just recently discovered the blue trail at Castle Craig)
• Walk a town green
• Get one last walk on the beach in
• Run with a friend
• Pick Fruit in a local orchard, but walk to the fruit and skip any hay rides to the fruit
• Bake a pie from scratch—skip out on electric mixers and mix by hand for a slightly higher calorie burn
• Take your favorite exercises (pilates, yoga, kick boxing) and do some moves outside in a nice park

(Picture: Me and my dad hiking last fall.)

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Dragon Boat is Over

Dragon Boat is officially over for the season. This is my first Tuesday without practice since mid June. I’m going to miss it. Last week we saw a bald eagle twice. It flew over our heads letting us know it wanted us to get out of its hunting ground. Last week the weather was perfect and it was a fabulous way to end the season. On Tuesday there was steam coming up off the water in mini spirals that looked like small tornados. It was a beautiful. I wish I had a camera.

One of the staff from Riverfront Recapture (who organizes the race and lets us use a boat for practice) reminded us that while some people were starting their day tense, gripping the steering wheel while driving to work, we were calm and out on the water enjoying nature. I love starting Tuesdays and Thursdays with Dragon Boat all summer.

You can’t beat it. It was a fun season. It helps that we raced so well in Hartford. We came in second place, .03 […]

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Happy Summer

It is the first day of summer. Here are just a few of the reasons why I love the summer:

  • the sun
  • warm enough to kayak, hike, walk, run
  • the beach
  • reading a book at the beach
  • lazy days
  • cooling off in a movie theater
  • eating outside at restaurants
  • finding a shady spot to rest
  • running in a warm summer rain
  • eating fresh, locally grown foods
  • sweating (sometimes)
  • the semi-vacation attitude so many people seem to have
  • traveling

I’m sure I’ve missed some things that make summer wonderful. Any obvious misses stand out to you?

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