National Walking Month

Today is the first day of Walktober!  That’s right.  It’s National Walking Month all month long.  It’s the perfect season for it too.  Can you set yourself a walking goal?  Do you want to commit to walking a total distance by the end of the month?  Or maybe you rather make sure you walk 10-minutes or more every day.  Perhaps, you’ve been wanting to challenge yourself to get at least 10,000 steps per day on your pedometer.  Make this month the month to reach those goals.  We’ll help by posting challenges on our Facebook page and by posting some blogs about walking. 

What’s my goal?  I want to take a 10-minute walk every day.  I walk a lot and often take much longer walks, but there are days that I skip.  And I’d like to make sure I’m outside at least 10-minutes a day, enjoying the fresh air and my body in motion.
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