Summer Vacation Suggestions

Got any summer trips (via car, plane, or train) planned this year? Travel can be tough on the body. Here are some suggestions to keep you healthy when you’re on the go.
• Hydrate

• Make the World Your Playground. Do heel lifts at the gas station, pelvic tilts everywhere, toe lifts standing at line for a ride, shoulder elevation and depression waiting for the movie to start, plank anywhere that looks cool. Just start to think of the world as a place where you can play and move the body whenever you get a chance. Do high knees if you’re standing waiting for a light to change.

• Try to get a good night’s sleep before you leave. Give yourself a little back or foot rub to help you fall asleep and relax.

• Bring some healthy snacks that you know make you feel good. Make your own trail mix and travel with fruit.

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Yippee!!! I can eat dessert again if I want. My self-imposed month of no dessert is over. Now the question is: will I eat dessert right away? What I craved most of all was chocolate covered marshmallows. I’ve never even had chocolate covered marshmallows, but I think I’m on a mission to find some.

Here is a sampling of the many desserts I went without:

Death By Chocolate made by my mom for my grandma’s 85th birthday. I was bummed not to partake and felt a little guilty!

Chocolate peanut butter cake with a peanut butter truffle and banana ice cream.

Tom Douglas’ Coconut Cream Pie

Cream filled puff pastries smothered […]

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Pilates in Seattle

When I went to Seattle last week, I made time for two pilates classes. I used to not work out when I traveled, partly because I looked at a vacation as a time to relax, partly because my vacations are always so active and jam packed I didn’t make time, and partly because flying and time changes seem to completely mess with my system. But last time I went to Chicago I took a pilates class at a local studio and it was so much fun. Their style was different from what I was used to and I felt like I learned a lot. I can’t wait until my next trip to Chicago to go back. It’s like missing Italian food when you can’t be in Italy. Or Belgium beer, or French wine, or Maine lobster—you get my drift.

Trying pilates in a new place made it fun and like an adventure that was part of my site seeing. So that’s my new thing—trying pilates in different locals. I can’t wait to try pilates somewhere I don’t speak […]

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Biking for Free Food

The Crown Plaza Hotel in Copenhagen, Denmark will give you a free meal voucher if you ride a bike and produce 10 watt hours of electricity–that’s about 15 minutes of riding for an average fit individual.

I totally want to go and ride and get my free meal.

I love when businesses do cool things to promote health and wellness!

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Christmas Eve

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. I love Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I love the time with my family and the traditions we have. Enjoy your day with loved ones and family. Enjoy every bit of it because it only comes once a year.

And remember the time with family and friends is what is most important–more important that perfect food, gifts or decorations.
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