Learn A New Muscle: Soleus

This is another of my favorite muscles.  I like it because many of the muscles that have nicknames like pecs or lats are named from their original terminology.  Pecks for the pectoralis muscles.  Lats for the Latissimus Dorsi.  They sound like what they are called.  The calf is the exception.  Neither calf muscle sounds anything like the word calf.

The deepest muscle of the back of your lower leg is the soleus.  Its name comes from the Latin word for sandal.  It connects right below your knee to both bones in your lower leg.  It runs down the leg and connects to the Achilles tendon, which attaches to your heel. 

The soleus plantar flexes (like pointing the toes) the foot at the ankle.  It’s an important muscle in the human body because helps keep us upright.  When you stand up, […]

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