When it Comes to Movement, Your Mindset Matters

Your mindset can make all the difference as to whether or not you stick to a new plan. So let’s try to change some common misconceptions about moving.

  • I Don’t Have Time

This is never really true of anything. We have the time.  It’s about how we prioritize our time, and, in this case, whether we prioritize movementIf you get together with friends you could ask to go for a walk instead of meet up for food or coffee.  If you sit down in front of the couch you could get up and march in place.  On a phone call at work you could do some exercises.  But we often feel embarrassed to move in front of others.  Ignore them.  They aren’t moving.  And if they aren’t they don’t feel as good as you when you move.  Most likely they are just jealous that you don’t care.  And, you might even inspire someone else to move.  And, its highly possible they are so busy they aren’t noticing anyway.

1) As a side note, even if you think you don’t have time, you can tweak little things. Park far away at the mall, doctor’s office or work. Take stairs instead of the escalator […]