I’m still riding high as a kite from the Ragnar Relay. It makes me feel like these four physical challenges were a good idea this year. Although, I must say, I’m not sure the rest of them will sustain me with energy this long.

What I didn’t expect from my challenges is the feeling of pride that comes with completely something difficult. I was doing it to get into better shape and get healthier, both important, but the sense of accomplishment is really worth a whole lot more to me.

I recommend picking a challenge that would suit your fitness goals just for that feeling.


Ragnar Relay Part III: The Finish

I felt completely disheartened and weak. The only thing getting me through was the fact that even with all the hills I was hoping to run a 10-minute mile (that is what I typically average), which I understood was pretty unlikely. With 1.5 to go, I seemed to be on par for a 10-minute mile and it made me feel good. But when I’d gotten to the 1-mile to go sign, I realized that the previous half mile of flat ground had nearly wiped me out and had taken me seven minutes. I was losing steam and wasn’t going to make my ten minute mile goal at this rate. I knew I wouldn’t see my team again because they had to get to the next exchange, so I only had myself to get me through. I just kept telling myself to keep running, but the person who felt like the king of the world five minutes ago who was so proud of her great accomplishments suddenly hated herself for forcing herself to keep running.

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Ragnar Relay: Part Two: Run, Drive, Sleep?, Repeat

It had been raining all week—pouring actually, and grey skies and thunderstorms were predicted for race day, but it wasn’t raining at 5am when Van 1 met at my house to pack the van and drive to Light House point in New Haven to start the race. And we didn’t get rained on at all over the course of two days.

We packed the van and climbed in—and from this point on, the story is wonderful. I had such a great time that even a few days later, I just randomly think, “That was awesome.” I want a better word, but awesome is what comes to mind.

Our van consisted of five women and one man—Diane, Wendi, Sarah, Katy, Tim and me. We nicknamed ourselves Tim’s Ravishing Road Runners. I’m convinced we had the best van ever. Everyone was really laid back, no one ever got the least bit cranky, Tim agreed to do most of the driving and got us everywhere safely (even with his tendency to slightly lose control when motivating a runner running […]

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Runner’s High: Fact or Fiction?

I’ve been working out again and it feels so good! I notice a difference in my mind and body, and the change is so palpable that it is a huge part of what sustains my desire to exercise. I think when nearly anyone moves their body and starts working out they feel better, but I’m not sure everyone feels as good as I do. If they did, they would stick with it more and exercise more. If everyone felt the way I do after exercising, everyone would exercise.

It’s like I’ve taken a drug. I think I sincerely get a high from exercise, and I feel lucky because it’s a healthy high. But I think it’s also why I feel so down when I go two weeks without it, so it does have a bit of a double-edged sword.

There has always been talk about a runner’s high and endorphins giving athletes a pick-me-up, but it turns out now there is actual science to back it up. Check out this article from the New York Times. I’d like […]

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