Improve turnout for ballerinas, Irish step dancers and everyone alive

Most dancers crave a solid turnout.  That’s when your hips, knees and feet laterally rotate (or turn out) instead of being parallel with each other.  Every foot position in ballet is done in turnout.  What changes is how wide the stance is or where your feet are lined up in relation to each other, but the feet, knees and hips are always in turnout.  The motion should come from the lateral rotators of the hip, but not everyone is born with a natural turnout and some people really struggle to increase turnout.

To try and mask a poor turnout, people often torque their feet to make it look like they have a turnout.  This can create the appearance of turnout, but it’s fake.  And the problem is that a fake turnout weakens the ankle and foot, a problem if you are a ballerina or Irish step dancer because foot and ankle strength are vital for dancers.

So how do you actually develop a strong turnout from the hip using the proper muscles?

One simple exercise is known as the clam. 

It’s fairly easy, but be careful.  A common mistake it to move the entire pelvis, not just the leg.  Moving the leg might […]

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Missing Dragon Boat Practice

The Dragon Boat season will officially come to an end later this month, but until then we’ve gone down from two practices a week to one practice every week. This is my second Thursday morning without Dragon Boat, and I miss it.

The team, the practices, the racing–everything about it was so much fun. I can’t wait until next June to start again.

And until then, I feel like I need another sport or activity to fill my time from 6:30-7:30am on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Any ideas? Must be something active and fun and I’d really like it if there was a team involved.

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