Forks Over Knives

Last summer I read the China Study and tried the recommended no animal protein diet for a month.  As a 28-day vegan my HDL and LDL both dropped considerably, but my body didn’t feel good.  I was bloated and uncomfortable the whole month.  I don’t think veganism was meant for me, but I like the idea of eating and incorporating more whole foods into my diet.  And I like that someone was doing research that empowered people and provided a potential choice over some medications for certain problems.  Can diet really cure our health problems in this country?  The answer isn’t easy.  It depends on the problem and the person.
I think generally each person has to find a diet and lifestyle that works for them.  Obviously if you have health issues you may need to make more ardent changes, but if you are healthy you can sometime get away with a little more flexibility.  Some people might do very well on a […]

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Easy & Healthy Salad

I get a lot of questions about diet and eating well. I’m not a nutritionist, so I really don’t have the expertise to advise people. I do know basics–the same stuff you hear over and over again. The stuff that isn’t easy. We all need a well balanced diet and it literally all adds up in the end. Weight gain and weight loss is really about the number of calories consumed and the number of calories burned. Sometimes it’s good to look at the numbers and do the math. It can put things in perspective.

All that being said, I may not even be the best example of a healthy eater. I love to eat–all foods, especially carbs. Luckily I enjoy vegetables too. In general I rather eat ice cream and workout a little more than skip the ice cream. That is a choice I make. I love eating, but I also am lucky in that I love working out. That doesn’t mean I don’t try to make healthy decisions for my body. The types of foods you select effect your skin, your heart–a bunch of things that we can’t weigh on a scale.

Taking time to eat […]

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