Dopamine, Oh How Happy You Have Made Me!

So I watched a documentary called Happy the other day on Netflix Streaming Live.  It didn’t have a lot of new information about what makes people happy—stuff like once your basic needs are met money doesn’t really make you happy, and doing things for other people helps make you happy.  Basically, some obvious stuff.  But it was short and a nice little reminder about where to find happiness.

One of my favorite points was that exercise created dopamine (the happy hormone).   According to the Journal of Nuclear Medicine, exercise doesn’t just increase dopamine, it increases the number of dopamine receptors in brain so that you can actually enjoy the dopamine. 
Exercise does this, but so does changing up the routine—taking a different route when you walk, trying a new type of exercise or doing something silly like a fun run where you dress up in costumes. 
Do you have time for exercises in your schedule this week?  Remember it just might make you happier.