Thinking About Stress Differently

Throughout this year, I’ve been working on slowing down.  In the midst of this holiday season, it doesn’t  feel like I’m achieving that goal, but I have caught myself thinking about stressors a little differently. The poor little Fit.  Not feeling so euphoric today.  The poor little Fit. Not feeling so euphoric today.

A few weeks ago my car go rear ended.  While I wait for it to be fixed, I’ve driven a rental, used Matt’s car, and borrowed a car from a friend.  Each of these cars is a little different.  The gas tank is on a different side, the way you open the tank changes, how you unlock or lock the cars is all unique.  Everything from the lights to the windshield wipers to whether or not there is an ice scraper nearby is different in each and every vehicle.  And the trouble is I notice the difference when I’m in a rush.  Heading out for class, there’s a frost, and I can’t find the scraper.  Have my arms filled with stuff and realize the car I have today needs you to hold the […]

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On Death & Mourning: A Little Comfort

Not our typical blog, but if it helps you feel better, it helps you move better.

I went to a funeral the other day. The role of the priest, minister or rabbi is always a tough one when someone dies.  They have to console the inconsolable.  The priest at this funeral wasn’t great.  He kept insisting that the dead person was just sleeping, and that it would be accurate to tell kids the dead are merely sleeping.  As a child that would have terrified me.  I’d never go to bed again.

But then he said something that filled me with happiness. Ultimately, his words were not overly profound, but I’d never had someone put death quite this way.  Full disclosure:  I’m not religious or spiritual—a fact people are often surprised to learn.  I don’t have that gene.  But like Mark Twain, I appreciate people who do.  There are moments I wish I could believe in something to experience a glimpse of comfort when tormented by grief, but more often than not I’m happy believing in the fallibility of science.

I’ve heard many people say we should be comforted to know that when we die we will be reunited with the person whose life […]

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Meditation: Giving It A Second Chance

Ugh.  I don’t mean to…I’m all about the mind/body connection, but mention mediation and my eyes spontaneously roll.   But I know all the research claims meditation is good for us.  And here’s just some of the reasons why:

·         Meditating increase dopamine, which may make you less impulsive

·         Meditation can help you make better choices with food, exercises and life in general

·         Meditation helps reduce stress

·         […]

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