New Year New Chance to Love Your Body

It’s hard to stop and give ourselves positive feedback, especially about our figure.  I work with so many clients who have parts of their body they really don’t like.  I know what part of their body many of my clients which they could alter.  It’s very rare for someone to walk into my class and say, I love my (say any part of the body here); we don’t need to work on or fix that area in any way.

And I get it.  They come to me to work out or fix an injury, but I do sometimes worry not only for my clients, but for people in general that we are overly fixated on the fixing and rarely focused on what is good.  And, I’m just going to admit it.  Some things can’t be fixed.  If I want to be taller or shorter, it’s not going to happen. 

In 2013 I need to learn to love my legs a little bit more.  I […]

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