Butt Massage

Years ago a friend mentioned to me that she had gone for a rather awkward massage.  The therapist told my friend that she had tight hips and then proceeded to straddling her on the table, digging her knees into my friend’s glutes and hips to work out the kinks.  My friend was understandably uncomfortable. This is not a normal occurrence in a massage.  In fact, more often than not, massage therapists pass right over our glutes, bypassing a butt massage altogether.

Last year, Matt and I went away for my birthday.  We signed up for massages.  At one point the therapist said to me, “You have really tight hips.”  Then she straddled me and dug her knees into my butt.  All I could think of was my friend’s story.  The massage felt great, but I would have been uncomfortable if I hadn’t heard about this happening.  The second my massage was complete, I texted my friend: where did you get that massage?  Sure enough we were at the same place, and I have no doubt we had the same massage therapist.

Believe it or not, this was not the most awkward massage I’ve had.  In China a massage therapist once rubbed my […]

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Glute activation exercises.

We take our butts for granted, but they help us stand up all day.  The largest muscle of our body, the glute max, should push us upstairs and propel us forward when we walk or run.  When it gets lackadaisical our lower back sometimes takes over some of the glutes workload.  Then our back gets achy, sore, overworked, and under appreciated.  This is when we need glute activation exercises.  

So we need to fire those glutes.  It’s not always as easy as it seems.  It’s actually fairly common for the low back to do the work of the butt.  So we need our abs to help us out.  The abs can help us keep the back stabile while we try to get our butt muscles to fire. 

Experiment with this exercise to help make sure you can feel the butt. Remember, the movement will be small because the glutes are already working simply to get the foot off the floor.  They are doing a lot already.

Generally in life, start to notice when you feel your butt.  Do you feel it working when you go […]

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A Little Pilates on the Bar

I love when some of the Personal Euphoria staff can get together outside of our own classes and meetings.  Recently, on a last minute whim, some of us went to try a Barre class at Evolution Pilates.  Personal Euphoria is now offering Pilates Bar Physique in Berlin (and hopefully more towns soon).  Susan has been teaching it.  The Berlin class has been really popular and we wanted to get to enjoy a class as participants.

The class was fun and it’s great to see Pilates come to life off the mat and the floor.  The motions of a bar class are really a great way to get the control and stabilization you learn in Pilates into more robust movements.  The class really targeted the glutes (a favorite muscle of mine to work).  Some of the stretching on the bar felt so nice.  Lately, I really enjoy stretching.

I can’t wait till we are offering […]

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No More Sexy Hip Sway When Walking!!!

Plank in Bryce Canyon. Plank is one way to strengthen your glute medius and prevent a sexy hip sway!

I just read an article online that was coaching women on the proper way to sway our hips to appeal to men when walking.  Apparently, you can’t over-do the sway too much or it will look like you’re trying too hard; it’s got to be subtle and look natural.  The writer suggested throwing on a pair of high heels and just letting the sway come naturally.  Then they posted a video of two women walking in heels, hips swaying and described it as the “RIGHT way to walk.”  The Pilates instructor wanted to cry a little.

I get it.  We want to be sexy.  And maybe no one cares about proper walking mechanics and why women shouldn’t try to sway their hips.  But just in case, here is why you should care.  Walking properly, with a neutral pelvis, can help keep your joints safer […]

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Run Your Butt Off

When you run, you should run your butt off—literally. It is the largest muscle in your body: USE IT. That muscle should give you the burst on each step. It should be what springboards you into your stride, especially going up a hill.

For information on Personal Euphoria & Evolution Pilates upcoming runner’s workshop click here.
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