Eight, Easy Exercises Everyone Can Do

Everyone is always a strong statement.  There is always a reason someone shouldn’t do certain movements, but for the most part these moves are pretty safe. And what is better is they are good for  just about everyone.  If you aren’t typically very active, this is a good way to introduce movement.  If you are super active, this is a great way to make sure you focus on every part of your body in a gentle way to help recuperate for you next workout.  The body wants to move.  So here are eight exercises to incorporate throughout your day.  You can even get your coworkers doing them.  If they hurt anything, stop.  Try these every other day at least.  It shouldn’t even take ten minutes.

The order doesn’t matter, but remember START UPS!

Try them morning, noon and night.  Do them to your heart’s delight.  (Uh, oh, I’ve started rhyming…time to move so I stop yammering…)

Shoulder Lifts: Shoulders Up, Shoulders Down...OR...One Up/One Down Shoulders Up, Shoulders Down…OR…One Up/One Down


Sitting or standing with your arms long at your sides, slide your shoulders […]

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Chill Out for Better Results…It’s Not All or Nothing

The barefoot running movement got a pretty bad reputation because anecdotally lots of people got hurt barefoot running.  If I got seriously injured doing something I attempted to do for my health, I’d stop too.  If I loved running before I altered the way I did it and hated it now, I go back to my old ways.  It makes sense.

One of my friends tore both his Achilles tendons running with minimalist shoes.  But what he did and what many barefoot runners did was push too much too fast.  The barefoot running movement and the makers of minimalist shoes all said if you want to make this change you have to start slow—really slow.  Go too fast and you’ll get hurt.  Taking on more than we are ready for is a major reason people new to exercise stop moving.  They work too hard in a hope to get quick results, get hurt and don’t want to continue.    Some people associate exercise with pain and getting hurt.  That’s always been their experience.  Moving doesn’t have to hurt, and should NEVER hurt in a “bad” way.  The concept of no pain no gain has been disproved, but it is a really hard […]

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Does Movement Feel Good?

When was the last time you went to a fitness class and it felt good?  Hopefully, the answer is, “Yesterday, I love the way my (insert class name here) feels every week.”  I hope you thought that.  I’m with you.  I love to move.  Throw me in almost any type of class and I’m going to enjoy it.  I’m happy in motion, probably to a fault.  But even when it feels good to move, it’s not always fun.

There is a free, silliness to movement that we tend not to hold onto as we age.  It’s been drilled out of us.  I watch my friend’s kids giggling over summersaults.  They will spin in circles until they collapse in a heap.  I’m not advocating circle spinning.  The thought of doing that now makes me nauseous.  The last time a rolled down a hill (about a decade ago) I learned that it is more torture than fun in my body.  Things change.  But kids get so much joy out of motion, and half the moves are concocted, on a whim and beyond goofy looking.  They don’t care.

I saw the video of this little girl, who was clearly enjoying herself dancing to a different beat […]

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Six Reasons to Slow Down Your Workout

We tend to think bigger is better.  We have to work harder and faster or we aren’t getting a good enough workout.  Sometimes we even use this as an excuse not to exercise.  But research is showing we can chill out.  You don’t have to go hard or go home.  You can just move.  Here are some research points in favor of a gentler workout:


  • Run Slow (10-min mile)

Running ten-minute miles and under 15-miles a week is more beneficial to your heart health than running faster for longer, which actually diminishes the gain for your heart.  So slow down and enjoy the run.  And stop calling yourself a jogger at a 10-minute mile.  It’s not 1970.  You’re out there running with everyone else.  You’re a runner.

  • Pilates Good For Your Mind

A small study showed that 10-weeks of Pilates increases memory, cognitive function and neural network activity.  You won’t be surprised if you’ve done Pilates.  It’s basically the exercise for multi-taskers.  There’s a lot going on at the same time.

  • Aerobic Exercises Creates New Neurons

That’s right.  Exercise is one of the few things, if not the only thing, in life that creates and builds new neurons in the brain.  This should be reason enough […]

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Eyes on the Prize…How to Make Exercise Easier

I’m not sure I’m an Eyes on the Prize kind of workout person.  No doubt when I’m running a race, the second that finish line comes into view I’ll hone in on it, and I’ll run faster.  But I’m not sure that makes running easier or more fun for me.

That's me in the blue focused on the finish line That’s me in the blue focused on the finish line

Half the fun is looking around and not being focused.  The distraction of nature or talking to a friend is part of what gets me out there in the first place.

Now, send me on a hike instead, and I have to work to simply enjoy the serene surroundings.  I want to reach the top and only then can I stop and enjoy my surroundings fully.  So perhaps, the scenario matters.

But if you are someone who doesn’t like exercise or movement, this video might be helpful.  It proves that you can change your perceptive about how bad exercise is.  You can change your motivation by coming up with realistic goals.  If you are starting a walking plan or a running plan or a biking […]

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