Travel Workout: Moving in Small Spaces

Plank in Bryce Canyon

Traveling is one of my favorite ways to spend time.  But with the adventure of seeing the world comes a lot of small, confining spaces that force you into a seated position for hours on end.  When you need to fly, drive, hop on a train, or find yourselves in a dirigible, how can you keep moving in tiny spaces?

Tips for Moving in Small Spaces

·        Stop Caring:

I think a key factor in moving is not to worry about what other people think.  When you travel whether you pull over at a gas station, find a corner of a busy airport, or head to the back of the plane to stretch, people are going to see you doing something most people don’t do.  I always tell myself that I’m going to feel better than all the folks just sitting there.  That’s how I get over it.  

·        […]

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Glute activation exercises.

We take our butts for granted, but they help us stand up all day.  The largest muscle of our body, the glute max, should push us upstairs and propel us forward when we walk or run.  When it gets lackadaisical our lower back sometimes takes over some of the glutes workload.  Then our back gets achy, sore, overworked, and under appreciated.  This is when we need glute activation exercises.  

So we need to fire those glutes.  It’s not always as easy as it seems.  It’s actually fairly common for the low back to do the work of the butt.  So we need our abs to help us out.  The abs can help us keep the back stabile while we try to get our butt muscles to fire. 

Experiment with this exercise to help make sure you can feel the butt. Remember, the movement will be small because the glutes are already working simply to get the foot off the floor.  They are doing a lot already.

Generally in life, start to notice when you feel your butt.  Do you feel it working when you go […]

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Exercise of Life

We can exercise, which I highly recommend, but it’s hard for one hour a day of exercise to unravel eight hours in a chair.  Even if your day isn’t spent in a chair, however you spend most of your time will start to be reflected in your body.  In addition to making specific time to move every day, considering your body in space throughout the day can help you feel better in your own skin.  Check in at different moments.  If your back hurts when you are doing something is there a simple change you can make to relieve the pain?  If you neck hurts can you make a subtle adjustment?  Exercise yes.  But make movement and noticing your body during simple movement the exercise of life.

Try to notice your body in the following scenarios:

When you brush your teeth, do your shoulders crunch up to your ears?

Brush Teeth

While washing dishes does your pelvis bump up against the sink?

Pelvis Sink

When you bend over to scrunch your hair, do you tuck your tailbone?

Getting Ready Hair

When […]

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10 Summer Exercises

If your schedule changes in the summer and you can’t get to your regular Pilates class this video and blog is for you.  Below you’ll find a ten minute Pilates workout of some of the best exercises to continue doing during your off season.

Best is always a sticky word because the ten best exercises would be different for every person and might be different for a specific individual on different days.

But what I think is good about this series is that is works you in flexion (rounded forward), extension (bending back), rotation and laterally (did you see how I threw in a plank there?).  The spine gets mobilized in every direction.  We work abs, back, glutes, legs and arms.  And we bookended it with two of the best stretches ever.

Watch the video for help or print out this list and take it with you.  You can do these moves anywhere, even outside in a park.

Reminder: You want to ensure your abdominals are gently engaged the entire time to keep the work out of your back.  If you feel an exercise in your back, stop.  Take a break.  You can always try again later.  Turn up the volume; it’s a little […]

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Eight, Easy Exercises Everyone Can Do

Everyone is always a strong statement.  There is always a reason someone shouldn’t do certain movements, but for the most part these moves are pretty safe. And what is better is they are good for  just about everyone.  If you aren’t typically very active, this is a good way to introduce movement.  If you are super active, this is a great way to make sure you focus on every part of your body in a gentle way to help recuperate for you next workout.  The body wants to move.  So here are eight exercises to incorporate throughout your day.  You can even get your coworkers doing them.  If they hurt anything, stop.  Try these every other day at least.  It shouldn’t even take ten minutes.

The order doesn’t matter, but remember START UPS!

Try them morning, noon and night.  Do them to your heart’s delight.  (Uh, oh, I’ve started rhyming…time to move so I stop yammering…)

Shoulder Lifts: Shoulders Up, Shoulders Down...OR...One Up/One Down Shoulders Up, Shoulders Down…OR…One Up/One Down


Sitting or standing with your arms long at your sides, slide your shoulders […]

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