Food & Deprivation

I’m about to turn thirty and my official challenge of getting in the best shape of my life will be on full force. I’m completely confident I can do all my physical challenges (provided I don’t get hurt), but eating well is a little harder for me. I get three birthday meals and this is what I have selected:

1) Ham and Mac and Cheese
2) Fried Dough
3) French Fries (there will be other food there, but I really would be happy if there were only French fries)

And this doesn’t even mention the desserts that come after each meal. I know eating healthy isn’t about deprivation, but that’s what has always worked for me since I’m just not great at the whole moderation thing in anything I do. It is easier for me not to eat dessert for a month than to have a little dessert every day. I’m better at saying “no” than “a little.”

So any tips because by this time next week, I’ll be thirty and the challenge is on.

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Junk Food

Ugh!!! I can’t have junk food in the house. It’s all got to go. I’ve been really good about no dessert this month, but I’ve been less good about foods that are snack-like and salty. If it looks like this, it has to go:

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I made my first ratatouille this week. As far as I could tell if, when you are buying all the ingredients, if you don’t purchase a bouquet garni because you don’t know what it is than ratatouille is basically sautéed vegetables—not the end of the world, but really nothing special.
Although such a colorful array of veggies, seems like it has to be good, especially during the winter.
When I realized I was lacking what turned out the be the most important ingredient, I looked online and found that it’s really just a bundle of spices you cook the veggies with and then remove at the end. So I just added Wikipedia’s recommended spices for a bouquet garni and never removed them. My spices weren’t fresh, but I figured it was better than nothing.

My cookbook had a photograph of the veggies still looking quite firm at the end, but called for them to simmer for 50-plus minutes. I don’t know how you cook anything that long and not have it turn to mush, which my veggies […]


Snow Day Food

I usually grocery shop on Tuesdays. So last week when Matt and I made a list on Monday night, knowing that an impending storm was coming, he suggested I get some good snow-day food. “Good idea,” I said, “except I’m now on a healthy lifestyle.” I didn’t want to add a bunch of junk food to the list. And I’m pretty sure that is what good snow-day food is.

I added cider to the list for Matt and whole milk to the list for me so that I could make some good hot chocolate. I never drink whole milk except with hot chocolate, which I make from Dutch cocoa and sugar.

But then when I got the grocery store I kept seeing foods—dark chocolate covered marshmallows, cakes and pastries, cheesy quiches, scones, and breads—that would make good snow-day treats. Matt and I had already agreed that lunch would be grilled cheese with tomato and tomato soup. So there I was in the middle of the grocery store wanting all these good foods and being frustrated by my […]

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