Season of Eating

Even though Thanksgiving was only last week, I feel like my holiday season started November 1st. I’ve been eating like it’s the holidays and working really hard to curb my food intake. And it doesn’t help that as the weather gets colder my cardio activity seems to be declining. I keep telling myself that I need to watch what I eat this month, but I’m not being a very good listener. My nagging is good and I appreciate the sentiment. I’m not wrong, but on some level I’m a little unrealistic. There are so many tempting goodies this time of year. I know I have an easier time adding workouts than curbing eating.

So here are some of the things I plan to do this month to help handle the abundant food I suspect I’ll be ingesting.

· Pull out my old Tae Bo Tapes
· Commit to Running at Least Twice a Week (pick the warmest days)
· Get to the Gym Once A Week to Swim or Walk the Treadmill (where I can catch up on some reading)
· Do an Extra Pilates Class Once A Week

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Food & Deprivation

I’m about to turn thirty and my official challenge of getting in the best shape of my life will be on full force. I’m completely confident I can do all my physical challenges (provided I don’t get hurt), but eating well is a little harder for me. I get three birthday meals and this is what I have selected:

1) Ham and Mac and Cheese
2) Fried Dough
3) French Fries (there will be other food there, but I really would be happy if there were only French fries)

And this doesn’t even mention the desserts that come after each meal. I know eating healthy isn’t about deprivation, but that’s what has always worked for me since I’m just not great at the whole moderation thing in anything I do. It is easier for me not to eat dessert for a month than to have a little dessert every day. I’m better at saying “no” than “a little.”

So any tips because by this time next week, I’ll be thirty and the challenge is on.

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Junk Food

Ugh!!! I can’t have junk food in the house. It’s all got to go. I’ve been really good about no dessert this month, but I’ve been less good about foods that are snack-like and salty. If it looks like this, it has to go:

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I made my first ratatouille this week. As far as I could tell if, when you are buying all the ingredients, if you don’t purchase a bouquet garni because you don’t know what it is than ratatouille is basically sautéed vegetables—not the end of the world, but really nothing special.
Although such a colorful array of veggies, seems like it has to be good, especially during the winter.
When I realized I was lacking what turned out the be the most important ingredient, I looked online and found that it’s really just a bundle of spices you cook the veggies with and then remove at the end. So I just added Wikipedia’s recommended spices for a bouquet garni and never removed them. My spices weren’t fresh, but I figured it was better than nothing.

My cookbook had a photograph of the veggies still looking quite firm at the end, but called for them to simmer for 50-plus minutes. I don’t know how you cook anything that long and not have it turn to mush, which my veggies […]