Frustrated Without Exercise

Warning: I’m about to start whining.

I feel like a lump. Last week I had an ear infection and tonsillitis of the throat (not the tonsils, so it’s actually called something else, but no one has ever heard of it). I feel a lot better, but still very run down and have this annoying cough and my lungs feel heavy.

Except for about a total of 2 hours of pilates I have done absolutely nothing in two weeks. I’m feeling a little discouraged (and like I can actually feel my muscles deteriorating) since this really is the official beginning of my healthy lifestyle and it’s not starting very healthy. And at this point I have my first challenge—the Ragnar Relay in five weeks. That may seem like a long time, but it will be here before I know it.

It doesn’t help that it’s been rainy and cold.

And here is the really annoying thing: Even though I think I’m feeling better, and I probably could have gone to the interval class I take on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, I feel like I fell so far […]

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Sick Day

Last week I started to feel really run down. By Friday I was completely wiped out and needed to rest. My weekend was filled with activities I’d been looking forward to, but knew I didn’t feel well enough to do. Still, I felt guilty canceling. I thought I had a really bad cold and was just being a bit of a baby and that everyone would think I was being ridiculous (a feeling that is probably at least somewhat in my own head). After a rough night I went to a walk in clinic and was diagnosed with an ear infection and pharyngitis (tonsillitis of the pharynx—basically a throat infection). And instead of a normal reaction of being bummed and probably moaning, I was relieved. When the doctor said, “I think you’re sicker than you think you are,” it was music to my ears. How screwed up is that? The problem was I felt like I could now cancel all my plans and everyone would understand—I had a doctor saying I was really sick. It wasn’t just my own body telling me I was sick. (Plus I was happy to find out I wasn’t a fully fledged baby.) It sounds […]

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