Yoga Swing

I have had my eye on getting a yoga swing ever since my sister and I went to NYC to try Anti-Gravity Yoga and I fell in love. The swings we used in class weren’t available to individuals, so I spent months longing to hang upside down, trying to enjoy the few pilates exercises that allow complete inversion, but not feeling fully satisfied.

And then one of my sister’s Facebook friends was hanging upside down in a yoga swing. This is one of the reasons I really like Facebook. For all the negative aspects of privacy loss that Facebook can bring with it, you can also discover wonderful little treats. I “friended” the girl with the swing and found out how to get one.

I stalled on purchasing one for months. I don’t know why. They aren’t insanely expensive. In fact they are only a little more than a BOSU. I think mine was approximately […]