Black Friday

If you’re going to out shopping and waiting in lines today, don’t feel discouraged. Make good use of your time. Lift your kegel while in line. Engage your core–pull your belly button to your spine. Feel your abdominals engage all the way to your pubic bone. Stand tall with your shoulders back and down.

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Move & Hold Still

It is one of the many challenges in Pilates: to move and hold still at the same time. Yet that is one of the aspects of Pilates that makes it so unique and provides you with so much control.

Think about moving and holding still the next time you do the following exercises:

The 100: You move your arms, but try not to move the rest of you body, espeically the rest of the upper body.

Leg Circles: You move your leg in the hip socket, but try not to let the opposite side of you pelvis lift.

Spinal Rotation: You twist at the spine without letting your hips move with you.

Can you think of another exercise in Pilates that requires you to move and hold still at the same time?

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