Challenge Update–My Bad Eating Habits

I have less than two months to get in the best shape of my life and I’m not sure I’m going to reach my goal. If you checked in with me in October I would have told you I was on my way. But at that time over the course of a month, I ran two half marathons and hiked the Grand Canyon without injury. I felt strong and unstoppable. My challenges throughout the year were really helpful in my staying on track and reaching fitness goals.

But after October my final challenge was a little obscure. Without any snow this winter I didn’t do the cross country skiing I’d planned. And with all the running and hiking I was doing earlier in the year, I could really get away with eating almost anything I wanted.

And, therein, lies the problem: my food choices. Please […]

Challenge Update–My Bad Eating Habits2017-09-12T19:31:37-04:00