The King’s Speech

Spoiler Alert–I’m about to give away something in this movie.

I went to see the King’s Speech over the weekend. In the film Lionel Logue, King George VI’s speech instructor is called to task for not being a certified speech therapist. In the movie you see that therapists are not working for King George, but he has success with Logue, who though not certified has a good deal of field experience.

This is Joseph Pilates story. He was a master at what he did, but never had a formal education. He was self taught. He worked with the body and learned via actual experience. But, just as in the movie, there was a point in his life, after years of helping people that his validity was called into question. I vaguely recall reading an article by one of the pilates elders that explained that he was extremely offended not to be taken seriously just because he didn’t have a degree in the body or medicine. I think they mentioned that it drove him to drink, but I may be remembering wrong.

But does a certification matter today?