Brooke Siler

I had a wonderful time as the Art of Control Pilates Conference I attended last week. I came away with new ideas to incorporate into my classes, and I was really excited to have gotten to train with all these famous pilates people. I couldn’t wait to tell friends and family. The problem is, outside of the pilates world, most of the people I trained with are not famous. It’s kind of a letdown to come home excited about getting to work with someone famous in your eyes and have people not entirely relate.

Brooke Siler wasn’t a letdown though. Of all the presenters listed at the conference, Jay and Brooke were the two that intrigued me the most. I thought I would just attend all of Jay’s workshops because he is an elder and comes from California. Brooke is in NY, so I thought I’d probably get a chance to train with her at some point. I’m so glad I went to her reformer workshop.

She is a wonderful teacher, with a great, fun-loving […]

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