Ragnar Relay New England: Part One–Getting Ready

I never wanted to run the Ragnar Relay. Quite frankly when I first heard about it, I thought it sounded like a terrible idea. You run from New Haven to Boston, and when you’re not running you’re trapped in a van transporting runners along the route. This didn’t seem like a way I wanted to spend a weekend.

But then a group of women that I enjoy working out with really wanted to do it, and so did Katy, one of our instructors. I was easily coerced because I was turning thirty and looking for four unique physical challenges throughout the year.

So many people wanted in that we had to form two teams. Team 1 was the official Old Wethersfield Boat Camp team (OWBC), the group I work out with. I agreed to be Captain of team two, which had a total of about six people on board. You need 12 for a full team, unless you are an ultra team and want to run the entire 200 miles with only six people, […]

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