Shovel Saftey

It feels like we are getting off easy so far this winter. We’ve barely had to shovel since the New Year. But as a real New Englander, I just presume that means we will have to suffer before winter is out. (She said half in jest all in earnest.) Just in case, here are some tips for shovel safety:

Know the Risks for Shovel Safety

The most common shoveling injury is strained muscles and tendons (usually in the low back). That’s actually a good thing. Because when soft tissue is the problem, more often that not we can change what we are doing to reduce the risk of injury.

Slips and falls are the second leading cause of shoveling injury. So make sure you have good footwear. Consider grips you can put on your boots when it’s icy and make ensure you can balance where you are shoveling

Apparently, a surprising number of people get hit with other shovels while shoveling, so be aware of your surroundings.

Finally, heart attack is always a concern. Make sure you aren’t getting too winded. If you can’t maintain a conversation while you shovel, you might be exerting yourself too […]

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What motivates you?

What is it that motivates you to move? The answer to that question is important to answer if you want to keep moving and stick to any New Year’s Resolutions you may have set to improve your health and wellness. What motivates you?  Keep reading to find out.

What Motivates You

Research claims that health and weight loss are two motivators that encourages us to get started with a workout routine, but our health and weight are not strong enough motivators to keep us committed. That means many of our good intentions in January start to slack off mid month. One fitness App that tracks workouts indicates that most people have given up on their fitness resolutions by Jan 17th. That date has come and gone.

That’s why it is important to understand what your real, intrinsic (personal) motivator to move is…especially if you are someone who doesn’t LOVE moving. If you need to force yourself to move, knowing what motivates you is vital to helping you stay devoted to a fitness routine.

Allow for Change

What motivates us can change over time. Maybe it’s your desire to play with your kids or grandkids. Maybe you’ve always wanted to run a 5K or build up […]

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Mindful Eating Challenge

Playing with my food.

After tracking the workouts of millions of people, a fitness app tracker claims most of us will fail at our New Year’s Resolutions on Jan 17th. That means we are mere days away from needing to think about a reboot. If you’ve already derailed from your workout routines or healthy eating goals, it’s not to late to press the reset button. (It’s never too late.) This is precisely why we hold the Mindful Eating Challenge every February. I tend to have derailed on all my good intentions around this time. Also, February is the shortest month of the year.

What does the Mindful Eating Challenge Entail?

That’s entirely up to you. You pick what your goal is…no sugar, a specific diet, less alcohol, no (pick a food or food category) Monday-Friday, eat a veggie at every meal, chew more, eat slower, drink more water. You pick what you think you need. Try to pick a manageable goal. Maybe even one that pushes you little. If you err, that’s okay…the goal is to notice and be mindful. How do you feel when you meet your goal? How do you feel […]

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Butt Workouts

For optimal posture, we need a strong glute muscle!

Your gluteus maximus is the largest muscle in your body. A strong, healthy butt muscle is also important for upright posture, reducing lower back pain, and overall healthy movement. When we sit all day the glute max gets stretched out and often weakened. We need to incorporate butt workouts into our regular movement routine.

Here are some tips for working your butt workouts:

To Work the Glutes You Need the Abs!

Very often when we try to work that largest muscle in our backside, we end up really moving from the back and straining over time. When you start doing a butt workout, you want to make sure your abs are engaged to keep the back safe.

Notice What You Feel

When you start to do any traditional butt exercises, check in with your body. Do you feel the glutes doing the work? Do you feel the back doing the work? Are you unsure? What can you change to the movement in order to feel the glutes? Hint: try engaging your abs.

Small Movements

When your leg and torso are in a straight line, your glutes are already working. […]

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Pain in the Buttocks

Sciatica can be a pain in the buttocks —literally and figuratively.  The sciatic nerve runs out multiple vertebra in the lower back and down both sides of your legs passing through the glutes (butt muscles).  The compression and inflammation of the nerve at the spine can cause the pain in the glute and down the entire leg.  In addition sometimes one of the muscles in your butt called the pyriformis can be adding to the pain.  If you do the four stretch and you feel relief, you might have pyriformis syndrome.

How to do the Four Stretch:

Note: You can do both sides, but the side with the pain should get relief when crossed over.

Sit down on a firm chair.

Cross the leg with pain over the leg without so that the ankle rests just above the opposite knee

Sit up Tall.

Stay for 3-5 deep breaths.

Relax and Repeat Up to 5 times.

OPTIONAL: Hinge (do not round) forward slightly for […]

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