Must I Work Both Sides of My Body Evenly?

What a piece of work is Maggie.  Can you see where I'm unbalanced? What a piece of work is Maggie. Can you see where I’m unbalanced?

Go to one physical therapist and they will focus on the injured side.  Go to another and they pay attention to both sides.  Come to my Pilates class and though I’ll attempt to work you out evenly, my lack of counting skills may get in the way.  So, does it matter?  What you do to the right, must you do to the left? Must we work both sides of the body evenly?

When I first started teaching I thought balance was the key to everything.  If anyone told me to only work one side, I’d have thought it was an atrocity.  Apparently with my youth came a sense of hyperbole in movement.   Now I’ve come to realize we will never be even.  No matter what we do in our 1-hour exercise class, what we face in life will strengthen and alter one side more than the other.  Striving for absolute balance is an impossible task.  Our heart is more to the left.  Our liver is on […]

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Be Positive & Beat Body Shaming

Warning!  Rant to follow.

As I work on a blog about women, beauty and being comfortable with our body, a friend sent me a link to a relevant story making news internationally.  Apparently, mean girls can take naked photographs of you at the gym and post them publically on the internet for the world to see.

Playboy Playmate, Dani Mathers, who I’d never heard of before, was at the gym and posted a nude picture with a snide comment about a woman she thought was overweight. (Note: the link above will take you to a news clip, not the photograph.)  I was torn about writing this post because I thought it might be a reason people stop going to the gym.   I’m more irate about the invasion of privacy than the body shaming.  The fact that one human being would do this to another is egregiously disturbing.

I’d like to think Mathers somehow lost sight of what she was doing.  I worry that with the internet a mistake, albeit an awful one, can be an error someone can never recover from. I know Mathers is not the victim or the person I should be worried about, but it makes me want to […]

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Kate Winslet on Liking Your Body

I may not be able to say it better than Kate Winslet, but her comment is so true. And I get it. It’s not a guilt trip to my mom because she didn’t tell me how comfortable she was with her body. When I was a kid, every adult woman I knew was always trying to lose weight, usually for an event, almost never for their health. And most of them were miserable with the fact that they had to exercise or eat better. Getting skinny seemed like a wretched undertaking every woman strived for.

At no point in my life have I felt completely comfortable with my own body. I work with a lot of women and most of them have parts (or, sadly, wholes) of themselves they really don’t like, even if you and I would think they look fantastic. We often miss the fantastic in ourselves. And women don’t fish for compliments about their body. What would be the point? Most of use wouldn’t believe it anyway.

I think part of the problem is the barrage of pictures we see […]

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Body Image of Young Girls

A few weeks ago I was swimming at the gym and a young girl (I’m guessing 8-years-old) stopped me and said, “If you want I can teach you how to swim so that you’ll actually lose weight.” After my initial embarrassment (because everyone in the pool heard), I laughed it off. I assumed that she thought I looked so awkward swimming that I was getting nothing out of it.  And, I may be reading too much into it, but I think there is a valid discussion point here.

(Picture to left: Me, today with the body of someone an 8-year-old thinks should lose weight.)

I posted the comment on Facebook and told my classes about it. People had differing views but many were really upset. And it got me thinking about young girls and body image.

First of all, there is the good point that I wasn’t swimming to lose weight. I was training for a triathlon. And I swim because it’s good for my joints and keeps me running. Lots of people swim because they enjoy it. Losing weight is certainly not the […]

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