Barefoot Running: Part Two

Sometimes I don’t even run a 10-min mile. Not worrying has made running much more fun.

According to an article in Runner’s World, barefoot running is the way to go. Apparently, some studies have actually shown little to no difference in shock absorption up the leg in runners wearing shoes? So why do we wear them? Just to keep our feet soft and protected? (That would actually be a good enough reason for me.) I never want to go for a run and step on glass or gravely pebbles.

There are some concerns that barefoot running is tough on the Achilles tendon and can lead to plantar fasciitis. Because of this runners need to build up to barefoot running very slowly. This bothers me too. If I go for a run now, I do a minimum of 3.6 miles. I don’t want to have to start running less than that.  This alone would be enough reason for me never to make the switch.

There is helpful information on Harvard’s website. I went there after finding another site claiming that a Harvard study found that running barefoot was considerably better than shoe […]

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Barefoot Running: Part One

With all the hype about barefoot running, I’d really like to know if there is an accurate source to find out what is best for the body. I’m especially interested since over the past couple weeks I’ve become obsessed wtih running and form. Anecdotally, I know people who swear by the Vibram FiveFingers, while at the same time I have a close runner friend who swears that barefoot running destroyed his Achilles tendons. When I asked about it the last time I bought a pair of running shoes at Fleet Feet in West Hartford they told me it was a matter of preference.

Okay, but that is sort of a non-answer. Maybe barefoot running is good for certain body types or people who pronate but don’t supinate. I don’t know, but I’d prefer an answer along those lines.

If I stand in my house and run with my shoes off, here is what happens. I run on the ball of my foot, sometimes in the motion my heels hit the ground, sometimes not. There […]

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