Mt. Schilthorn: I Earned It!

Matt and I were in Switzerland a couple of weeks ago. Oddly enough, even though we were going to be staying in the Alps, I hadn’t planned on taking any big hikes. I’d thought we’d keep it small, but with the views of all the snowcapped mountains it was hard not to want to scale right up them. I’m a hiker and don’t really have a desire to rock climb on vertical edges that are over 10,000 feet in the air, but when you stare up at Mt. Eiger, the peak sure does tempt you.

So one day we took a cable car up Mt. Schilthorn (a peak most people have only heard of because James Bond: Her Majesty’s Secret Service was filmed there), which is nearly 10,000 feet. On our way up we saw a couple people hiking. Mt. Schilthorn is not not Mt. Eiger. It’s more like Mt. Washington. I was disappointed that we hadn’t hiked it. “Oh, if we had hiked up here, then we really would have earned breakfast,” I said to Matt.