Supplements or Why My Pee is Expensive & Bright Yellow

I am a low maintenance kind of girl.  I don’t like to have to remember things like taking pills with every meal or even in the morning.  And silly though it may sound, I always like to think that if we had some natural disaster that prevented me from having access to meds or pills I’d be okay.  Basically, in case zombies attack, WWIII occurs, or Steven King’s The Stand comes true, I want to be able to be a-okay when I’m walking across the country with minimal food and water. 

Not being a nutritionist and having done minimal research I’ve always been kind of down on vitamins and supplements.  I think they are a gross waste of money.  I have always felt that you should get your nutrients from food and that if you take supplements you take a ton of something all at once and probably wind up urinating most of it out.Supplements or Why My Pee is Expensive & Bright Yellow2017-09-12T19:31:28-04:00