Walking in Old Wethersfield

Scarecrow Family at the New Heirloom Market on Main St.

Scarecrow Family at the New Heirloom Market on Main St.

No one has ever had to twist my arm to go for a walk. Walking is one of my favorite past times. I love it with Matt, a friend, a good podcast, when I’m on the phone with my Grandma, or walking alone on a beautiful day. Hands down my favorite places to walk is Old Wethersfield. It’s flat. The houses are quaint and so New England. There is easy access to ice cream. And you can walk anywhere from a two mile loop to an eight mile loop without really repeating the same ground.


Witch in Wethersfield

Witch in Wethersfield


When Matt and I travel, we often comment that we have yet to find as nice a place to walk as Old Wethersfield. Even before we moved here we would sometimes come to walk in this area twice a day. Now is the best time to come and walk in “the OW” (pronounced oh-dub). This is the season when local businesses, kids and community groups line Main Street with scarecrows. So grab a friend and come out and check it out. It’s a great excuse to get outside and KEEP MOVING!


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  1. Paul Montinieri October 7, 2015 at 2:04 pm - Reply

    Hi Maggie: such a great blog. As Mayor of Wethersfield, I am so proud of our historic district and the Old Wethersfield “walking” area. And you captured the joy that so many feel when the walk through: the scarecrows, the holidays on Main; our new Old Wethersfield Country Store (which was featured this week on Better Connecticut WFSB!!). Thanks for the share, and I imagine your readers will feel excited to take you up on your joyful excursion.! My best

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