Last week I had two clients apologize for asking me to go a little lighter on them because they were under the weather.  They were worried I’d be bored working with them.  First of all, I have yet to find the body boring.  Second of all, I work with bodies of all types and all needs.  I’ve worked with people that when they came to me they were under strict orders not to kneel, lift their arms higher than their shoulder, or lift their head off the floor.  And I wasn’t bored working with them.  When your body needs a change or a modification, that’s a challenge for me.
Plus, I have a body too, and sometimes I’m not full of piss and vinegar.  I take a private Pilates class every Tuesday.  And sometimes I go in and say, “I feel great.  You can work me hard today.”  But sometimes I say (and frequently this winter I said), “I’m exhausted; and I just want to leave feeling better than I arrived.”  And after Pilates, I always do.  After moving I usually do.  The fact that you showed up and you’re willing to move makes me happy.  I wish everyone moved their bodies more.  If you show up to see me and you are ready to move, I’m not bored;  I’m happy.