Supplements or Why My Pee is Expensive & Bright Yellow

I am a low maintenance kind of girl.  I don’t like to have to remember things like taking pills with every meal or even in the morning.  And silly though it may sound, I always like to think that if we had some natural disaster that prevented me from having access to meds or pills I’d be okay.  Basically, in case zombies attack, WWIII occurs, or Steven King’s The Stand comes true, I want to be able to be a-okay when I’m walking across the country with minimal food and water. 

Not being a nutritionist and having done minimal research I’ve always been kind of down on vitamins and supplements.  I think they are a gross waste of money.  I have always felt that you should get your nutrients from food and that if you take supplements you take a ton of something all at once and probably wind up urinating most of it out.  Supplement takers, I always assumed had very expensive urine.

But now I’m on a supplement and vitamin regime.  I hate it.  Already this morning I forgot to take my supplements (so I need to stop writing for the moment and do that).  I’m taking at least seven different pills a day.  Some of them I have to remember to take twice.  I have notes all over the bottles to remind when to take what when.  I’m taking a liquid form of fish oil (it actually tastes really good) that has 45 calories a serving.  I’m not thrilled to think that my supplements have calories.  Some of the pills are obvious—Vitamin D and C.  Others like alpha-lipoic acid I don’t even know what it is or what it does.  Turns out it’s an antioxidant that is both water and fat soluble (an atypical trait).   It turns glucose into energy and may even be able to recycle other antioxidants, which sounds pretty cool.

I don’t feel any different since I’ve been a pill popper.  The two things I’ve noticed most?  My wallet is lighter and my pee is bright yellow, which apparently is perfectly normal and due to riboflavin in one of the pills, but every time I pee I feel like it simply proves my expensive urine point.

So, are supplements good or bad?  Clearly, the jury is still out.  On a simple search online you can find folks willing to argue for either side.  It is a billion dollar industry though, so we’re all either really healthy or getting a fast one pulled over on us, or, perhaps somewhere in-between. 

Check this out:  NewYork Times weighs in and ABC News/Good Morning America weighs in with two doctors saying almost the opposite thing.

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