Reading labels has made me discover how screwed up our food is in this country. And it makes me sad; it makes me sick; and it makes me a little mad. Okay, a lot mad. Because I don’t think people would have half the problems they do if we didn’t fill our food with corn, soy, and gluten. I appreciate we aren’t starving like so many people in the world who might give their right arm for anything, even if it’s filled with gluten. I guess this is a first-world problem, but I live in the first-world and on some level I need to deal with the problems that face me in my daily life. Gluten, soy, corn and natural flavors are just some of the problems that have gotten me in a tizzy as of late.

One of the first things I was told when I went gluten-free was that you can’t buy anything that has natural or artificial flavors in it because that ingredient might involves gluten. It turns out the only way to tell if it uses gluten is to call the manufacturer. Or you can go online and see if someone else has done the research for you. Whether there is gluten or not, I’ve discovered that nearly everything has natural or artificial flavors, including the organic, 100-percent juice I’ve been buying for years. Tell me what is organic about natural flavoring? And whether or not natural flavors include gluten, I want to know why this mystery ingredient is in ALL our food. It doesn’t even make sense.
Want to get in a tizzy with me? Read this post about what natural flavors means and tell me if you can make any more sense of what is in your food after reading it. There might be flavoring derived from bark. Are you kidding me? And our government approves this.
The one that annoys me the most is unsalted butter. I’ve bought unsalted butter for years because I don’t cook with a lot of salt. I don’t eat a lot of salt typically so I never felt that I needed it added to my butter. I thought I was making the healthier choice. It never occurred to me to read the unsalted butter label. And I now know that was foolish. I have checked multiple brands and all the ones I’ve seen have natural flavors in the unsalted butter. Horizon’s Organic is the only unsalted butter I have found that only contains milk and lactic acid. What is wrong with this picture?
Our food is so tainted. It is impossible to eat plain, simple, real foods because even our real foods like butter or juice add unnecessary, fake stuff. And don’t get me started on what Monsanto has done to our fruit and veggies.

Eating real food in the United States is an actual challenge. One could argue that in a way our bodies are starving.