When I was vegan for a month I craved three things constantly: avocado (which I could have so it wasn’t a problem), eggs, and chocolate milk from Fish Family Farm in Bolton. I have only had chocolate milk from the Fish farm once, but I couldn’t get it out of my head.

The first Monday I was free to eat as I pleased, I took the 25-minute drive to Bolton to get my chocolate milk, and there was none. Apparently they make their milk on Monday and don’t guarantee to have it ready until after 2pm. I couldn’t believe it.

So the next Monday I made time again (not a really easy task because I’m pretty busy). I pushed off some paperwork I should have been doing to go get this chocolate milk. I’d clearly become obsessed. This time I went with friends and told them my story, and said I hoped they had the milk this time. We were getting there around 4:30pm, so I was now afraid they would have run out.

My friends also wanted the chocolate milk and asked what we would do if there was only one bottle left. I made it quite clear: “I’m taking it.” I would have to. But it didn’t matter. The Fish Family had crates of chocolate milk. I could have bathed in it (but I didn’t). I bought one bottle and enjoyed it all week long—an entire half gallon in one week. It was as good as I imagined for a month and a week. And I think I got my taste for milk back.