Age-Related Injury Or Just A Bad Attitude?

A couple Mondays ago I went for what I thought was a six mile run. In the last ten steps I tweaked my knee—I’ve been icing it ever since and it does feel better, but it was such a weird sensation that I’m being cautious, especially since I want to hike a lot this year, I’m signed up to run the Ragnar Relay, and I like having knees that don’t hurt when I walk up and down stairs or kneel in a pilates class.

When it happened my first thought was frustration about getting older and my body hurting. My body was right to hurt. Since Christmas Eve I’d only run three miles on two or three occasions, and then I just jumped right into a six-mile run. But I used to be able to do things like that to my body. The first time I ever ran six miles was a complete accident, and in 2005 I ran a marathon without training, something I’m pretty sure I couldn’t do today.

I was disappointed in my thoughts because while our bodies obviously age, I think there is a component that if you think-old, you’ll be old. I was blaming my bum knee on age, when it could have been a lot of things. I hurt my knee about a year ago and it’s never been one-hundred percent since then. I’ve always had weaker joints. And, it turned out the run wasn’t six miles but around 7.3, which doesn’t sound like that much more, but is, at least for me and my first real run of the season.

I remembered that sometimes I shouldn’t be so hard on my body—both physically and mentally. Sometimes I need to start slower, and I need to not blame my age for something completely legitimate that quite frankly could have just as easily happened when I was younger.


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