Girl sitting at desk in classroom

I’m assuming that everyone is officially back to school now. If you are a teacher or a parent, talk with your students/kids about sitting up straight in their desk at school. I know it can be hard for anyone to sit up straight for the whole day, but even if kids start by considering their posture for one class they will be doing their body a favor.

My mom talks about the days when she attended Catholic school and they put a lot of emphasis on posture. When I was in school none of my teachers ever made me sit up straight. I had good posture because my mom always told me and my sister to stand up tall. (This is not to say that I never slouched in school. I definitely did.)

No one likes being told to have good posture–when you aren’t used to standing up straight the muscles tire quickly–but your kids will one day thank you for their superior posture. And if they don’t, their muscles certainly will.