Challenge 11: Picture Your Food

We’re doing our challenge early this week.

Here it is:
Take a picture of everything you eat (or at least record it–but a picture is a little more effective). Post what you’ve eaten on our blog if you’re interested (or think that doing so might hold you more accountable).

I recorded everything I ate last week and will be posting it this week–so you won’t be alone.
I got the idea from the blog Be Fit Be Full. Everything she eats looks delicious. And I couldn’t help but think if I made all my food look picture perfect, wouldn’t eating it be more exciting? So this entire week will be pictures of everything I ate and what I did for exercise.

Taking pictures of my food and knowing that I was going to post them made me want to eat better than normal. I noticed on day one that I didn’t eat something because I had to take a picture and post it for the world to see. I felt like I was cheating and not being honest about what I normally eat, but at the same time it was helping to me to eat healthier, which is part of the point. A dilemma. So here is what I decided to do. I also recorded the things I probably would have eaten if I wasn’t thinking about my food so much and knowing that everyone was going to see what I would be eating.

Also, I usually have more variety in my workouts, but I hurt my knee so I have been limited to walking lately. Walking is great (and actually I’ve really been enjoying it), but typically, in any given week, I would go to a kick-boxing class, maybe a boot-camp class, use an elliptical, and with the weather as nice as it has been I would have gone for a run. I’m itching to do that, but trying to be kind to my joints.

Also, I didn’t record water when I drank it. I only recorded drinks that weren’t water, which is why these pictures make it look like I must be dying of thirst. Trust me. I do drink.

So here goes nothing:

Monday 3/15

Workout: Walked 4 miles, 1 hour; 30-minute Pilates workout on the arc barrel

Breakfast: 2 packets instant oatmeal–cinnamon spice
Lunch: Microwavable frozen burrito
Snack: Unsweetened apple sauce with pistachio nuts
Dinner: Lomo Saltado (one of my favorite meals we had in Peru, so I found a recipe for it. Mine wasn’t as good as it was in Peru, but I also didn’t serve it over french fries or use salt so what can I expect.)

What I wanted: I was recently introduced to nutella and I desperately wanted nutella on toast at multiple times throughout the day. I would have settled for nutella on my finger, but didn’t want to have to post such a picture.


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Maggie Downie
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  1. Anonymous March 24, 2010 at 4:57 pm - Reply

    What kind of guilt is it when you must confess to something you just thought about doing? Catholic? 8th or 9th commandment. LOL I guess it is BAAAADDD if you obsessed. LOLOLOL
    I too have a weakness for Nutella – just give me the jar and a spoon.

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