The Perfect Water Bottle

I know weathermen aren’t always right, but if they are right, this weekend in Connecticut is going to be a steamy 95 degrees. It will be a sudden jump in temperature. And Connecticut rarely provides a dry heat.

A nice weekend is a great time to fit in some outdoor activities, but when the temperature is cranked up, it’s important to remember to hydrate. Bring a bottle of water where ever your travels take you this weekend.

I for one have been on the hunt for a great water bottle. I don’t like to drink out of aluminum and a glass water bottle just isn’t practical. For environmental and financial reasons I have spent the past year looking for a refillable water bottle that I like. I’ve made some purchases that now reside dust-covered on top of my refrigerator.

About a month ago I found one. I’m really happy with it, but it did take some getting used to. There is a straw that you have to bite to get the water out. Now and again I get teased because it looks like I’m sucking on a baby bottle. It may not be the perfect find, but it holds 16 oz., fits nicely in the hand, and has a hook you can carry it by. It’s a camelbak and overall I’m really quite happy.

If you’ve been on the hunt and want to stay hydrated this weekend, I picked mine up at Dick’s Sporting Good in the Buckland Mall in Manchester. It was cheaper to purchase the item at Dick’s than to buy it online. I’m not a product pusher, but when I find something I think my clients will like, I like to pass it along. Please share any sports or Pilates related items that you think are worth the price and have helped you in your fitness goals.


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