Massage Benefits

Massages are expensive, but they are so beneficial you just might find them worth the investment. Assuming an average massage costs $65, if you eat out three times a month–there’s the cost of your massage. Stay in three nights one month and treat yourself a slightly different way.

Not only do massages ease stress, relax you, and potentially aid in getting a great night’s sleep, but they work out all the kinks and knots–like a taut ball of elastic bands freeing all the bands, allowing them to find their individuality again. It’s wonderful.

You don’t have to have a personal massage therapist to get a massage. You can induct your spouse, kids, or friends. Just know you’ll probably have to give back. You can also do self massage. After a workout, rub the area that hurts. It is uncertain whether exercise followed by massage will help reduce lactic acid build up and thus speed-up the recovery process. But if it does, you’re all the better for it, and if it doesn’t, it still feels great.


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