One of my favorite exercises (because I think it feels great) is the Turkey Trot.  This is a perfect time of year to do it.  To top it off, everyone looks super cool when doing it.  Well, maybe not, but it’s good for you.

In our world of TV’s, PC’s books, and cooking at a counter where you have to look down so you don’t chop your fingers off, our heads tend to be forward and down.  This exercise is really helpful with giving the back of the neck muscles a little relief while helping to strengthen them and ultimately reduce neck pain. If you are prone to neck pain, try it.  It’s simple and it just might provide a little relief.  And, it’s one you can do anywhere (your car, the gas pump, the office, while watching TV—the possibilities are endless).

Check out this video to learn more, but here are some tips to remember:


  1. Try not to tuck your chin
  2. Think of moving from your ears
  3. Be gentle. You don’t have to force the motion firmly