You’ve probably heard of your core.  It’s a common buzz word.  In Pilates, our “core” refers to more than just our abdominal muscles.  The Pilates “core” includes the abdominals, glutes (butt muscles), back muscles and muscles of the shoulder girdle.  Basically, Pilates instructors are trying to train you to have a strong, solid, yet pliable (when it needs to be) trunk.

But it’s deeper than that.  The goal of Pilates movement should be to help you understand how your body works to help you move from the right place and use the small stabilizing muscles we all take for granted.  If we push from large, superficial muscles, we may feel strong, but we don’t have real strength. Knowing Pilates can help you improve any type of movement, exercise, or sport you like to enjoy. It can even make daily life better.   The concepts teach you how to use your body more effectively and efficiently no matter what you are doing.

As an added bonus, if you ever get hurt doing something you love, it’s those small muscles that will help you get better.  Those small muscles keep you balanced when you walk and do the simple daily tasks you don’t even consider as you go about your day. Pilates is about subtly.