If you haven’t heard sitting is going to kill you, at least you’ll probably die younger than someone who stands more, according to new research.  (Photo: Me sitting at my desk slowly dying.) It’s fantastic that we can get all this information about what’s killing us, but it’s no matter if we don’t get helpful tips to help fix the problem.  If we have a desk job, what do we do?  So here are a few ideas to help you put more standing in your day:

  • ·         Hourly notifications on your computer to stand and stretch

  • ·         A standing workstation (rig it up yourself with some boxes—this is not only the cheap way to do it, but you can change between standing and sitting throughout the day)

  • ·         Walk for ten minutes at lunch

  • ·         If you watch TV, make sure that for at least 20 or 30-minutes (you decide) of your TV watching you aren’t on the couch.  Do some squats, pace the room, march in place, or stand and stretch

  • ·         Eat one meal a day standing

And for times when you have to sit, here are some ways to add some movement:

  • ·         Point and flex your feet

  • ·         Do ankle circles

  • ·         Rock your pelvis back and forth

  • ·         Stretch to one side and then the other

  • ·         Take a few big deep breathes, trying to engage as many muscles as possible when you breathe

  • ·         Tap your feet

  • ·         Put on some music and sway to it (or sway to your inner beat)

Set a goal—do you want to find 30-minutes a day to stand where you didn’t use to?  Or do you want to find an hour?  Maybe you’re really ambitious and you want to find two hours.