I would never want a client to be embarrassed to ask me anything.  And I would never, even after reading this, want someone to be concerned about asking me what any muscle or part of their body is.  There are a lot of muscles that, barring any injury, I would never expect you to know.  Who knows their sternocleidomastoid (in your neck) or tensor fasciae latae (side of your hip) or serratus anterior (behind shoulder blade and wraps around ribs)?  Note: if you read this blog regularly, you actually should know those.  They are some of my favorites.
But I’m always a little surprised when someone doesn’t know their tricep, bicep, quad, hamstring or (and this has happened more than once), their vertebra (the bones that make up your spine).  I don’t judge the person.  I really think the school system should be judged.  That anyone could get through high school without a basic understanding of anatomy is beyond me.  In my high school, I think Anatomy and Physiology may have been optional.  I loved it.  I also had a fantastic teacher.  But someone leaving school without knowing how their own body works and what major parts are called is like sending someone out of elementary school who doesn’t know the 50 states or basic math.  And this is our body. 
Never feel bad about what you don’t know.  Just use it as an opportunity to learn.  To help, I’ve created “I Know My Body Bob.”  I created him because I lack artistic skills.  (I graduated elementary school without being able to glue elbows onto construction paper.)
Hopefully, he can help us learn more about our body.  I’m sure he’ll pop up again in future blogs.