We are all supposed to have curves in our spine.  And while all our bodies are a little different, there are some standards as to where our spine should form convex and concave curves .  To see if your spine has the curves where they are supposed to be, lie down on the floor, knees bent, feet on the floor and just relax.
These are the parts of your body that should touch the floor:

  • ·         Head

  • ·         Your ribcage (from your shoulder blades to your lowest ribs, just an inch or two higher than your belly button)

  • ·         Sacrum

These are the parts of your body that should not touch the floor:

  • ·         You entire neck

  • ·         Your low back should have a shallow curve from bellow the belly button to the base of the spine

  • ·         Tailbone

Where people tend to have differences:

  • ·         Low back completely touches the floor

  • ·         Ribcage is popped up off the floor

Play with your body on the floor. The first step is noticing what you feel.  Can you tell where you touch the floor and where you don’t?  Can you get all the places on the floor that should be and all the places off the floor that should be?  If you move one part of your spine to the floor does it pull another part off?  Gently moving the body is always a good experiment.  Just play with the different curves and see how close you can come to getting the right parts down and the right parts up.