Okay, I think for the past fifteen years I may have been looking at Valentine’s Day the wrong way. I don’t like the day. I think it puts pressure on relationships; I think it makes single people feel awful; and I think it advocates wasting money.

But then a friend was telling me about how she was just giving little gifts to people who had been really helpful to her this year and she wanted to let them know that she appreciated it. Last year a couple of people put together little care packages or gave me a flower, and it was so nice. I didn’t expect anything from anyone so each little surprise was a pleasant treat throughout the day, especially the cupcakes one of our neighbors left at our door.

Being thought of felt nice. So I think maybe that is the way to look at V-Day–A time to send a card or put a little something together for anyone you love and care for. I hope to think of it this way this year at least. As long as it doesn’t become stressful.