I have a friend who often tells me that my blogs or Facebook posts motivate her to be healthier or to get to the gym.  That makes me happy.  In my career, getting to hear that you motivate people is some of the best news you can get.

But it’s important to know that everyone I work with motivates me too. 

On a very obvious level, as a Pilates instructor I generally think it’s important to stay healthy and active in order to physically be able to do my job and to stay fit.  But when I have a client trying a new activity for the first time, they remind me everything there is to try and experience out there.  When I have a client who eats healthier than I do (which is probably many), I feel like I should be more like them.  They set a good example for me.  When a client has been struggling with an exercise for a long time and they finally get it, I feel good all day and remember that I should start working on the exercises that I want to perfect and improve.

Every day I’m inspired by multiple clients.  It’s one of the many reasons I love my job.  But if you think I inspire you, believe me when I say—it’s really you who inspires me.