We celebrated birthdays at my Grandma’s house the other day.  Celebrations always seem to involve food.  Dinner is fairly easy to make gluten free.  Provide a meat, veggie, and potato and you’re all set.  Dessert is a whole other story.  I felt a little sad when my mom’s favorite carrot cake came out and I knew I couldn’t have any.  My grandma had gone to the trouble to make me a gluten-free cherry cobbler.  It was nice to have something for dessert, but I find that gluten-free desserts tend to lodge in your stomach like a lead brick where they linger for hours.

Some days it’s hard to know that there are things you just can’t eat.  Occasionally I drive by Dunkin Donuts and I just want to grab something quick.  It feels like the rest of the world (or at least the rest of New England) can do it.  I tell myself that it’s probably better this way.  There is not benefit or reason for me to need anything Dunkin Donuts has to offer.  Even if I wasn’t gluten-free I should make a healthy choice to stay away from D&D.

I’m surprised that over eight months on a G-free diet and it hasn’t started to feel more normal yet.  I’m amazed the draw and the power food can have over us.  Even today I have a hankering for one of my two favorite cereals, but I know that’s not an option.  Food surrounds us and it’s part of our culture so it’s very hard to ignore.  Still, I’m holding strong.