Though I didn’t set myself a deadline, I’m falling behind on my smoothie challenge.  I set a goal of making all 30 smoothies from a new cookbook I got.  Right now I doubt I’ll have tried 30 by the end of the year, which was definitely my intent at the beginning.  I’m only on number five.  I thought I’d try three a week.  I’m lucky when I make two.

I’ve started recruiting my friends to make it more fun.  This week I made one for me and Matt’s sister and then I made a group of friends try one on our regular Survivor night get together.

The one I had with Cindy was my favorite so far.  Survivor night’s was bland, but refreshing.  It takes a real trooper to try the smoothies.  I like to play a game where you guess what’s in it, so there is a bit of trust that goes into taking the first sip.  Also, none of the smoothies look appealing.

My favorite, which had raisins in it, wasn’t blended enough, or at least my blender can’t handle raisins, but it meant that when I poured the smoothie into the glass, clumps fell in instead of liquid.  YUM!

None of the smoothies are as good as I’d hoped, but they all disguise veggies well.  You can never taste the vegetables.  The whole experiment is kind of fun, especially now that I’ve enlisted others.