Time flies.  As I’m writing this I’ve been gluten-free for over six months.  It certainly isn’t the worst thing in the world.  I much rather be gluten-free than dairy free.  But, as you may recall, if you’ve been reading, I’ve been gluten-free with the hope that it will minimize the effects of an autoimmune disease called Hashimotos that attacks the thyroid causing hypothyroidism.  Hopefully, by minimizing the Hashimotos, I can reduce the attack on my thyroid.

After two months gluten free my two Hashimoto’s antibodies had a significant drop of about 20-percent.  Three months later I got my blood drawn again.  This time the results were less stellar.  One antibody was down another 5-percent and the other was up about 5-percent.  Both were still lower than my original test that determined I had Hashimotos.  Both are still out of the normal range, although I’m not sure they will go back to the normal range.  The gluten-free goal is to try to keep them at bay.

I’m still viewing this as my own personal experiment where I don’t have much to lose (except perhaps some yummy food choices).  I wasn’t as happy with the results, but I don’t know if 5-percent makes that big of a difference either way.  I also went off a lot of the supplements I’d been on for the first set of blood work, so perhaps the supplements play a larger roll.