Having goals are important to help you stick to a healthy lifestyle, but it’s not just about being healthy—goals (no matter what their size) can help get us excited about life.  I’m not sure why, but I’ve always wanted to be able to climb a Jacob’s Ladder.   So this year when I went to a Ren Faire in Sterling, New York with Matt and my brother, I tried it out.

The guy told me I’d only have a shot if I kept my body low and pulled myself up.  He was right. The first time I flipped right off.  The second time I made it all the way to the top, but as much as I stretched I couldn’t quite reach the bell.  So the third time, when I made it up again, the guy came up behind and made the bell swing, as it got closer to my short little body I reached out and dinged it.  Success (with a little cheating and help from my friends). 

Still, it was fun and I’d been looking forward to it.  I want a slightly longer Jacob’s Ladder in my yard.  It was a pretty good workout.  I worked up a sweat and was a little sore the next day, although I think I was mostly sore because I did stay low on the ladder and that left bruises all up my legs and arms.